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Keep checking this site in the coming months for the start of our online learning community for teachers! In this future hub for interaction, you’ll find tools to help you grow in your career of service as well as invitations to reach out with your own experiences.

Since collaboration, shared stories, and time-tested techniques shape Lutheran education, we want to hear from you. In The Pedagogy of Faith style, submit an essay on an educational topic that’s important to you. It may become part of our online community!

Let’s build bridges between co-workers in His mission field.

Essay Discussion Questions

There’s plenty of ways to use The Pedagogy of Faith in addition to and beyond personal enrichment. You may read it as part of a college class, as an orientation to a Lutheran school, or even in an online study group.

Gather a group of colleagues or grab a cup of coffee and dig into essay-based discussion questions!

Download the free essay “The Vocation of Learner” by John Oberdeck to preview The Pedagogy of Faith.

Why this book?


The Pedagogy of Faith: Essays on Lutheran Education offers a one-of-a-kind gift to the Lutheran teaching community in the twenty-first century. This book is ideal for education students in the classroom as well as for the professional development of educators who are already in the field.

As a Lutheran educator, your vocation is an exhilarating mix of steady theology and shifting cultural trends. Talk about an age-old challenge! Each new generation of Lutheran educators creatively confronts the collision of God’s Word with a changing world. This isn’t an easy task, but it matters to the Church eternally.

Immerse yourself in the varied voices and experiences of 30 authors, who collectively represent hundreds of years of teaching in settings from the rural Midwest to the far corners of the world.


Essays in The Pedagogy of Faith are gathered into three sections:


Explore why Lutheran doctrine informs teaching practices.

Teaching and Learning

Encounter unique methods and insights for teaching the faith.

Context and Culture

Examine how God’s Word meets contemporary ministry.


Matthew T. Bergholt

David Black

Mark S. Blanke

Paul Buchheimer

Bernard D. Bull

Grant E. Carey

Randall Ferguson

Laurie A. Friedrich

Amanda B. Geidel

Jill A. Hasstedt

Patricia A. Hoffman

Martin R. Kohlwey

Donald E. Kortze

Joyce M. Kortze

Kenneth T. Kosche

Jonathan C. Laabs

Kim Marxhausen

John L. Mehl

Russ Moulds

John W. Oberdeck

Rebecca R. Peters

James Pingel

John T. Pless

Rodney L. Rathmann

Lorinda L. Sankey

Rebecca S. Schmidt

Terry L. Schmidt

Harvey M. Schmit

Timothy J. Schumacher

Cheryl Swope


Meet the Editor

Bernard D. Bull (MA, Concordia University Chicago; MLS, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee; EdD, Northern Illinois University) is assistant vice-president of academics and associate professor of education at Concordia University Wisconsin. He has over twenty years of experience in Lutheran education, ranging from middle school to graduate school.

Dr. Bull is a frequent consultant and speaker on topics related to educational innovation, the intersection of education and digital culture, the future of education, and Lutheran education in the twenty-first century.